HarvestFest: Celebrate 50 Years of PastTimes & Preservation at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill This Weekend

Posted on September 21, 2011


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There is a lot going on at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill this weekend,  September 23-25.  You can run in a 5-mile race, milk a cow, enter a dessert-making contest, join a family bike ride, and have a special dinner; there are too many activities to list here, but you can find them all by clicking this link: HarvestFest Schedule.

Getting out into the countryside in late summer is good for both body and spirit.  I’ve been visiting the village for about 35 years, but never had made it to the West Lot area until just a week ago.   Dixie Huffman, who lived on or near the Shakertown grounds as a child, while here mother taught  at the Shakertown Elementary School and her family farmed on the grounds,  now works at the village, transcribing journals and ledgers for entry into computer files.  Through their writings, both poetry to be read at services like funerals, or simple records of buying and selling goods, Dixie has gotten to know the Shakers and their individual  personalities.   She also described Shakertown before it was preserved, with the main highway going straight through the village, grown-over with trees, yet supporting a tea room, inn, and gas station.  After college and her own teaching career, Huffman returned as an interpreter, sharing the wealth of information she had gathered.  I wanted to see some places she mentioned, including a wash house and the area where her childhood home had been.  The scenery was lovely, brushed by butterflies and filled with ferns in shady springs.

But don’t take my word for it:  Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill is a place which must be seen in person, andwhat better time than to celebrate a half-century celebration.

Find directions to Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill by clicking here.

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