Crossroads: Man-o’-War & Nicholasville

Posted on September 17, 2011


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What’s there, at the corner of Man-o’-War and Nicholasville roads?  No, I’m not talking about WalMart, but the fields just across the road to the south.  Since I’ve joined a community  supported agriculture program, or CSA, through the University of Kentucky’s South Farm, that plot of land is where my great organic vegetables are grown.  There is a weekly drop-off spot in town for the pre-picked produce, but because there is a U-Pick section, this is  a place where Ican  go for some peace and quiet, working my way down the long rows, thoughts drifting with the breeze and the butterflies.  This week, there were golden cherry tomatoes, flat Italian green beans, okra and an assortment of field flowers like zinnias, cosmos and sunflowers.  And of course, ever-present bugs to investigate.  Happiness!

UK at South Farm

Elmwood Stock Farm

Berries on Bryan STation

and others at Local Harvest